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Download Cocktails.ipt
Brown Barracuda
Buttered Softball
Kiwi Tingling Uppercut
Urban Skipping Black Cat
Hot Indigo Explosion on the Stars
Irish Cream and Blueberry Beer Unicorn
Soft and Chilled Sunlight topped off with Lime Cider
Bald Korean Tickler
Berry and Sugar Syrup Western Tarantula
Filtered Steamer
Gin Tickler
Blue Supernova
Vodka Velvet
Red Texas Chiller (comes in a souvenir glass that you can keep!)
Brunette and Amber Butterscotch Wave
Pepper Gutter Ticket ...Shaken, not Stirred
Caramel Witch
Dixieland Boogie
Buttered Alexander
Crimson Volcano topped off with Olive

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