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Download Cocktails.ipt
Lunar Backyard Burn ...Neat
Sherry Eclipse
Scotch Shaken Blunt Instrument ...Stirred, not Shaken
Comfortable Blazer
Pink Rum Liftoff ...Stirred, not Shaken
Las Vegas Fastball
Currant and Apricot Gin Yeti ...Shaken
Seafoam Hard Cider Monster
Albino Tigershark
Ruby Bourbon Grasshopper
Sweet Yeti
Filtered Comfortable Rain
Espresso and Rum Englishman Napalm
Hawaiian Tan Destruction with a Flower
African Raspberry Rain
Sweetened Sailor
Prune Scottish
Basement Tan and Blue Jackpot
Gin Lifesaver ...Shaken
Deep Sloe Gin Upstart

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