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Download Cocktails.ipt
Russian Jalapeno Sour
Mongol Neat Haze
Island Whiskey Curveball
Malt Liquor Absinthe Monkey
Irish Cream Alcohol and Steamed Milk Mary
Hippie Snake on the Sand
Pepper Coconut Jello and Peach Slice Curveball
Scarlet and Crimson Rye Jailbait
German Moonshine
Sparkling Bug Juice
Sloe Gin and Gin Chiller topped off with Cream
Mexican Flying Kick in the Ass
Rough Sugar Syrup Juice
Sake and Rum Vodka Boot to the Head
Pygmy Kicker
Almond Liqueur Hippo on Ice
Rye and Peach Rich Tornado
Rum New York Crocodile
Valley Angry Evening
Whiskey Kidney Punch

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