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Download Cocktails.ipt
Fast Shake
Hawaiian Slow Napalm ...Neat
Sour Breezer
Plum Scary Madness
Azure Martini
Gin Grapefruit Juice and Lager Unicorn ...Stirred
Valley Indigo Volcano
Cinnamon Dew
Mexican Bright and Sour Jailbait
Tomato Juice Swede Iceberg
Chinese Peppermint and Gin Elephant
Ale and Orange Peel Lager Whammy
Pineapple Juice and Rum Bloody Tombstone
Brunette Burnt Passion
Iced Bright and Snowy Viper on Ice
Club Soda Freezer
Whipped Cream Anisette and Green Pepper Boomerang
Cannibal Scotch and Champagne Bunny
Rye Crimson Crocodile
Scotch and Apple Cider Gin Salute ...Blended

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