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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Modern Detective

Unexpected Confession By Girl: "I Was A Body Toy Of Necromancy Rituals"

As witnessed last Wednesday ....

The Reader's Planet

Bangkok Actually Utilizes Evil Wizardry To Weaken New Jersey

"I barely got out alive," said a policeman on the scene....

The Skeptical Enquirer

Fearless Dog Defends David Bowie Against Super-Intelligent Visitors From Atlantis

There can no longer be any doubt that ....

The Insider's Modern Release

Visitors From Hell Plan To Annihilate The World!

"No comment," said a bystander on the scene....

The Democratic Freedom Digest

Woman Is Shocked To Find Dog In Bed

Everyone in Buenos Aires is talking about what happened ....

Confidential Satellite

Unexplained Famine Flattens Rome

Last seen in Latvia ....

The Insightful Scandal

Secretary Of Defense Secretly Makes Aid Deal With Interstellar Aliens

"I'll never forget it as long as I live," said a bystander on the scene....

People's Democratic Star

Mutants Declare War On The World

There can no longer be any doubt that ....

The Today's Skeptical Whistleblower

Alien Flees Quadriplegic

Once again ....

The Rational News

Brave Sheepdog Finds Way Home From 758 Miles Away After Being Sold

Speaking from the trailer court where the incident was witnessed....

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