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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

The Modern Centurion

Elderly Man Is Actually German President!

In what is already being called the news story of the century ....

The Skeptical Public Gossip

Alien Appears Before Ruthless Dictator

It has long been rumoured that ....

Celebrity Area Satellite

Teenage Boy Is Possessed By The Devil

Experts confessed ....

Modern Rational Item

Bearded Lady States "I Was A Body Puppet Of The International Crime Syndicate"

It has long been rumoured that ....

Public Popular Extra

Jakarta Actually Uses Satanic Witchcraft Against Botswana

Everyone in Istanbul is talking about what happened ....

People's Rational Scandalmonger

I Was In The KGB

Last seen in Burundi ....

Skeptical Democratic Seeker

The Sun Will End Saturday Say Experts

Speaking from the trailer court where the incident was witnessed....

The Rational Insider's Voice

Leo Buscaglia Was Really Record-Holding Largest Man!

It's not often one gets to see ....

Midnight Celebrity Release

Hundreds Gather To Pray Before Potato Chip With Impression Of The Archangel Gabriel

It will come as no surprise to readers of this publication that....

The Insightful Inquisitive Inquirer

The World Will Sink Into The Sea Tomorrow Says The Bible

It's not the first time, and it won't be the last ....

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