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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Democratic Courier

The International Crime Syndicate Threatens To Loose Highly Contagious Flesh-Eating Virus On Our Enemies

Experts are baffled by ....

The People's Courier

Sick Man Brought Up By Alien

Everyone in Angola is talking about what happened ....

The Rational Confidential Looking Glass

The Sun Will Be Disintegrated Next Year Says Guru

Once again ....

Afternoon Inquisitive Sun

I Was A Body Slave Of Adolf Hitler

There can no longer be any doubt that ....

Top-Secret Democratic Herald

Disabled Infant Is Controlled By Agents Of The Yakuza

How long will it be before something is done about ....

Entertainment Telegraph

Freighter That Mysteriously Disappeared In Bermuda Triangle Last Week Reappears In South Carolina!

It's not often one gets to see ....

Inquisitive Release

Evidence That Foreign King Knew About Space Men!

In the late morning last Tuesday ....

Insider's Sun

Cat-Girl Ravaged By Necromancy

The word on the street is ....

Today's Whisper

My Mother Married a Giant Man-Eating Weasel

Inside sources revealed today that....

Insider's Modern Courier

The Madonna Comes Back With Message Of Hope!

To crowds in the streets of Arkansas ....

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