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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Reader's Whistleblower

Baby Boy Finds Dracula!

Reliable sources report that ....

Inquisitive Public Reporter

Italian Prime-Minister Proclaims "I Was A Personal Puppet For Oprah Winfrey"!

Weeping at the memory ....

The World Confidential Item

My Son Was Harassed By The South American Money Cartel

Reports have been coming in concerning ....

The Reader's Insider's Sun

Dinosaur Wants Each Plant For Super-Army

In the early afternoon last Thursday ....

The Insider's People's Enquirer

Camille Paglia Is Lover of Congressman From Ohio

Reliable sources report that ....

The Entertainment Insightful Courier

Home Of Legless Girl Ravaged By Unexpected Incurable Supervirus

"Soon the whole world will know," revealed ....

The Insider's Seeker

Kevin Spacey Is Actually Almost 4479 Years Old!

To crowds in the streets of United States ....

Rational Rumour

Ugliest Person Secretly Marries World's Smallest Person

To crowds in the streets of Teheran ....

The People's Globe

Henry Fonda Spied On The NAZIs!

Government spokespersons reported ....

Freedom Inquirer

Vision Of Saint Peter Appears In Dreams Warning Of Asteroid Strike

It's not the first time, and it won't be the last ....

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