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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Popular Democratic Detective

Ill Woman's Family Were Martians!

Muttering "Just thank your lucky stars you weren't there," a ....

Insightful Today's Post

Italian Prime-Minister Is Wanted By French President!

In the late morning last Sunday ....

Public Democratic Reporter

Nessie Is Videotaped

It's not often one gets to see ....

The Foreign Report

Man Works For Undead Ghoul

Reports continue to come in concerning ....

The Freedom Public Star

Finally, The Truth About The KGB!

It will come as no surprise to readers of this publication that....

The Skeptical Celebrity Planet

Ralph Nader Experimented Upon By The Yakuza!

To crowds in the streets of Jakarta ....

The Modern Tattler

Venusians Lurk In The Catacombs Of Amsterdam

In a completely unexpected event ....

The Confidential Inquisitive News

Linda Ronstadt Secretly Elected Head Of Las Vegas Through Violent Move

"I never would have believed it," commented ....

Reader's Report

Deadly Vampires Ravage Defenseless Populace!

It will come as no surprise to readers of this publication that....

New York Telegraph

Oldest Woman Actually Died Years Ago, But It Was Covered Up By The Secret Service!

Scientists confessed ....

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