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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

The American Tattler

Elvis Presley Rescued And Raised By Aliens

How long will it be before something is done about ....

The Entertainment Mirror

David Geffen Is Actually Russian President

Muttering "It was just about this time of day," a ....

Free Detective

Exorcism Performed Upon Human Cyclops!

The word on the street is ....

New York Planet

Buddha Appears Before Awestruck Audience In Mali!

Laughing at the memory ....

The North Dakota Star

Rediscovered Journals of Jim Morrison Reveal: "My Ancestors Worked For A Mysterious Cult"!

It has long been rumoured that ....

The Modern Secret Post

Image Of Jesus Christ Appears On Blessed Smoke Above Burning Building!

Speaking from the trailer court where the incident was witnessed....

The Rational Insightful Post

Record-Holding Tallest Boy Is Slain By Animal

To crowds in the streets of Amsterdam ....

The Secret Popular Enquirer

My Parents Were Vampires

In the early evening last Saturday ....

Secret Rational Digest

Disabled Boy Was Controlled By A Mysterious Cult

The word on the street is ....

Inquisitive Telegraph

"My Parents Were Slaves Of Al-Qaeda," Confesses Hunchback

How long will it be before something is done about ....

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