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Harnic Names

Mithden of Gyersaune (sindarin female)
Melnayana of Zonac (human female)
Proadlak of Pharcedorina (human male)
Quithyle of Horevilaan (human female)
Desea of Maalew (human female)
Tikier (gargun)
Osasek (gargun)
Lievuk (gargun)
Armonm of Furdyenos (human male)
Anlite of Vurdaansal (khuzdul male)
Miorrel of Erajarg (sindarin female)
Reliur of Onoryrra (khuzdul male)
Doriain of Yaliler (sindarin female)
Maldieden of K'vitisa (human male)
Bafinnil of Gwaahler (sindarin female)
Neasse of Wagnabime (human female)
Xeldietta of Horbejaka (human male)
Bratwoenath of Asheinsen (human male)
Dodarrel of Forsobondak (sindarin male)
Relavia of Wytesyr (khuzdul female)

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