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Download Fortune-Teller-Rider.ipt
The Fortune Teller's tent is dark and mysterious. She moves out of the shadows....

She is a fat mother. She gestures for you to take a seat opposite her. She hands you a cup of strong tea. "Drink this! And as you do so, hold in your mind the thing to which you would know an answer!" As you drain the cup, she takes it from you and begins to look into the dregs....

After a moment, she speaks.... "You see that the symbols are scattered, disorganized. These events should be taking place within a year...." She pores closely over the contents of the cup. "I see the following things, in order of the time they should become significant in the future... Perhaps...Look! Here is a lesser sigil. I speak of the dog foreshadowing a good friend., What shall we make of that minor sigil far from the rim. It's significance is not great, but be aware of it. That boat indicating a visit from a friend., The glyph of a lock foreshadowing obstacles is of lesser significance to due it's distance from the rim., The mark of a lock meaning obstacles is insignificant but there., O! Consider the rune right on the rim, meaning it's terribly important. That open purse indicating financial gain., " She pulls back. "Nothing escapes me! There is a insignificant mark far from the rim. I mean the forked line which speaks of a coming decision., The sigil of a broken egg foreshadowing a career setback is on the bottom, showing a coming change. I see no clear line in the leaves. They speak of what awaits you, but we must now speak of what these things mean to you and that which you seek...."

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