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Stuff an orc or other low level humanoid might have on them

a spiked club, a rotting fish, 10 cp tucked into a crude belt
nothing. poor fellow is broke.
a fire sharpened spear
a rustly long sword, 1 torch(s)
nothing. poor fellow is broke.
1 cp wrapped in a piece of leather
a club
a squirrel carcass
a crude stone knife, a horn, 3 sp wrapped in a leaf, a bit of cooked meat
a rustly long sword, 4 small garnet(s), a horn, a vial of some liquid (poisonous moonshine)
a spiked club
a crude stone knife
a spiked club, a horn, 3 small topaz(s)
nothing. poor fellow is broke.
nothing. poor fellow is broke.
a stone carving of a design
nothing. poor fellow is broke.
nothing. poor fellow is broke.
a horn
a fire sharpened spear

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